ce corps qui parle

Ce corps qui parle – Sthis speaking body

Show-Conference :
How our bodies “speak” ?

Staging by Yves Marc

Upcoming performances

// On April 6, 2018
Langon (33)

Creation 2012

In this show-conference, Yves Marc observes, unveils and deciphers our common gestures along with those simple daily actions which evade our awareness.
Using simple well-known data in communication and neuro sciences, he thus brings us evidence of how our bodies «speak»…
This original solo/one-man show reveals the talent and experience of a unique physical actor and director.

Photo credit : David Schaffer

The DVD of the show is available for sale – More informations

In the press

Yves MARC demonstrates, with both scientific certainty and a storyteller’s wit, some of the 240.000 face expressions, along with our smallest, everyday gestures and the whole array of our familiar postures which betray our inner truth. The body is an unrepentant chatterbox which happens to contradict, most of the time, what our words say. The outcome is literally fascinating, joyful and reveals a rather strange human comedy.
 Thierry Voisin, Télérama, September 26th, 2012

Yves MARC creates an extraordinary stage solo show about movement theatre at L’Espace Libre, both fascinating and full of humour. Quite instructive too, his performance is a superb display of theatricality at its best. The man IS the show at its fullest.
Louise Bourbonnais, Le Journal de Montréal (Québec), October 19th, 2013

Let us not beat about the bush: all young actors would dream to work with such a brilliant professor. We cannot help fervently hoping for a world which would provide us with such lively classes ! One feels like jotting notes after each sentence since Yves Marc ‘s wording is both elegant and skilful, each of his comment is relevant. He manages to bridge the gap which lies between acting and living. Christian Saint-Pierre, Le Devoir (Québec) October 17th, 2013

The French artist Yves MARC provides us with a fabulous solo performance “Ce Corps qui Parle”. We have no choice but to note  that the apparent simplicity one feels at first glance is in fact backed up by an extensive knowledge, an amazing wealth of information and an incredible tenderness. Yves Marc ‘s Speaking Body moves us deeply and makes us fall over head over heels !
Olivier Dumas, Mon Théâtre (Québec) October 15th, 2013

Yves MARC shows he is a master. […] His magnetic, physical and gestual perfection, his unique and captivating tone of voice are the ingredients of a fun-filled, hilarious and most moving scientific lecture about the “Speaking Body”, as reflected in the title. Simply magic !
Aline Apostolska, La Presse (Québec) October 10th, 2013