body puppeteer

Directed by Claire Heggen
// From 15th to 24th april, 2018 – 48 hours

Claire Heggen proposes a internship with the crossing of the body and object, a introduction, a body preparation and a theatrical dialogue, for actor, mimes, puppeteer, dancer, circassien.
What does the object learn to me? Of itself? Of myself?
What does it make me make? How? Where does he guide me?
What do I make of him? With him?
Who handles who? For what? For which?

This internship invites to a practice and a training of the actor to a grammar of the relation body/object and to fundamental of animation/handling. It will support the approach of the alive bodies and /ou marionnettic in a concern, at the same time, of a report organized with the objects and materials used, of a body ecology of a widened subjectivation of the actor and a permanent training of the otherness.

Time : 10:00 am – 17:00 pm (hours are subject to change).

Individual rate : 620
Rate dealt with : 830
Down payment :  180

Individual conventionality AFDAS

Photo credit : David Schaffer (excerpt from the show Les choses étant ce qu’elles sont, tout va aussi bien que possible)