Carnet de route (en)

Creation 2015

Text, conception and staging by Claire Heggen and Yves Marc

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ce corps qui parle

Ce corps qui parle – Singing in the brain

Staging by Yves Marc

// Upcoming performances
  From 5th january to 18th february 2017 – Théâtre Les Déchargeurs (75)

• Friday 12nd mai 2017 – Le Cerisier, Bordeaux (33)

// Show-Conference : How our bodies “speak” ?

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encore une heure si courte

Encore une heure si courte – Yet another fleeting hour

Staging by Claire Heggen
Music scores by Georges Aperghis
Coproduction Théâtre du Mouvement and LA MECÀNICA

// Upcoming performances :

Saturday 21th of january,  2017 – Thuir (66) – Théâtre des Aspres Continue reading