Bodily manifestations of states of thought and emotional states

By Yves Marc

In this conference, Yves Marc endeavours to answer a simple question: “How do you see that a person is in a state of thought?”

Part of this answer lies in the face’s (look, features) and limbs’ expressions through the wide range of self-contacts and the sense of touch at large. One comes to realise that thought defers, speeds up, slows down or stops our daily actions. That it is quite unpredictable and expresses itself equally through the play of muscular tension and release. In this relation, borne to time and dynamics, we perceive thought’s ‘little music’ as giving a particular colour to its various forms. We observe, finding ourselves in a deep state of thought, that body and gestures may escape our control from time to time. The body then adopts various unexpected, absurd, “unreasonable” poses.

As a man of the theatre, Yves Marc concludes showing how these physical vocabulary parameters specific to thought processes form a precious set of training tools for an actor. Trustworthy, efficient, bypassing any psychological approach.

Length: 1h20
Language: French and English