Artistic direction : Claire Heggen & Yves Marc

Claire et Yves

Claire Heggen and Yves Marc are co directors of Théâtre du Mouvement, founded in 1975, authors, actors, directors and professors.

Their purpose and design of contemporary mime and, more broadly, of an art of the actor, is based on the concept of a theatricality of movement and on gestuality. It establishes itself bordering dramatic dancing, object theatre and text theatre in which the body is engaged. They place the actor’s body at the very centre of artistic creation.

They’ve produced well over thirty different stage productions, played in 60 countries, developing an ever-evolving aesthetic.

They have been invited to teach in France and abroad to mimes, textual or movement actors, puppeteers as well as dancers. He pass on their knowledge of corporal mime by updating their teaching to contemporary corporal techniques. He also teachs specific works of research conducted with the Théâtre du Mouvement

They also tutor and support young emerging artists in their performance projects.


Compagnie ayant développé une démarche artistique sur la théâtralité du mouvement. Présentation des spectacles et des différents axes de recherche