The fundamental of the body and the theatricality

Directed by Yves Marc
// From 25th February to 1th March 2019 – 30 hours

On the basis of simple anatomical and physiological notions of body and movement, participants will be offered the opportunity to meet certain fundamental principles of the body that govern the existence of the human being.

These fundamentals, often subconscious, are, if one works on their consciousness and their mastery, the major tools of the actor on stage:

– The look
Intensity, presence, orientation, expressiveness. Expressive relation of the eyes to the eyelids, the eyebrows and the head.

– Breathing
Approach to its organic dimensions.
Respiratory positioning: approach to the different respiratory modes and the resulting body states.
A particular look will be made on the relationship between breathing and chest structure. Breathing as a major emotional effector. Discover the musical dimension of breathing.

– Toning
Set of tensions and detents; up muscle resistance and muscle comedy. Particular attention will be paid to the vertebral tone.

– The posture
Postural balances, the response to the earth’s gravity.

These deep bodily structures often govern without being aware of the relation to oneself, to others and to the world and determine for the actor his presence on stage. They are the backdrop to his “body states”, his states of thought and emotional.

This bodily impression will be the cradle of his game. This sensitive information will facilitate the activation of the moving body in relation to space (space of the body and body in space), time (velocities and rhythms) and dynamics (intensity modulations). The work on these fundamentals will also be an invitation to broaden the actor’s interpretative spectrum. This course is aimed at all actors of the performing arts who care about their physical presence on stage.

Time : 10:00 am – 17:00 pm (hours are subject to change).

Individual rate : 390
Rate dealt with : 520
Down payment : 120

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Photo credit : David Schaffer