Musicality : From movement dynamic to theatricality

Directed by Yves Marc with the participation of Elsa Marquet Lienhart, flutist and movement actress

// From April 1st – 10th 2019 – Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th Off – 48H

Watch a movie, a performance, a street event and… MUTE THE SOUND!

One can easily notice that each gesture, each movement has a dynamic definition which can be described in relationship

  • to time (speed, duration, rhythm)
  • to strength (intensity, resistance, energy, pressure, tension or release… the “muscle comedy”!)

Lento, accelerando, pizzicato, vibrato, silence, immobility, percussion, light or sustained shock, suspension …

Movement then becomes musical and therefore theatrical thanks to the states of the body, thoughts or emotions it generates and reveals, both inside the actor and the spectator.
The body can become musical theater providing we become aware of this musicality. With its infinite shades and colors, it prepares the stage for dazzling performances : the “coups de théâtre” !

Each actor acting on stage – be it movement actor, dancer, mime, text actor, puppeteer, performer or musician – will have to deal with the required accuracy and definition of this movement dynamic and be able to feel its inner resonance.

How can a change of rhythm or tone, a repetition or a suspension within the same movement sequence can alter the meaning and tell a different story ?

This workshop will allow you :

– to explore the play of various fundamental dynamics like rhythm and durations, causalities and dynamic consequences, emphasizing the accuracy of these definitions.
– to study gestural phrasing: movement from thought to dynamic realization.
– to become aware of various respiratory positions where music and emotions start.
– to identify the tonic variations of the moving body and their economy.
– to experience how the musicality of movement allows, through the play of various body fundamentals, to access dramatic play through both the emotional and thought states.

– to use individual and collective improvisation games which will lead to the dynamic and musical composition of the movement.

The workshop will be “musicalized” by Elsa Marquet Lienhart, who has studied the similarities and dialogues between visual and sound music: how the musicality of movement can create a common language for dancers, actors and musicians to share and create together ?

Bringing some light on specific musical composition structures, Elsa will offer some openings and new perspectives on movement and gestural composition.

This workshop, open to all performing actors, does not require any previous musical training.

It can be an introduction to another workshop led by Yves MARC from May 13th to 22nd : “This body who thinks, moves and is moved”, dedicated to the body manifestations of our thought and emotional states. Often thoughts and emotions have a bearing on our actions in a musical way (suspensions, accelerations, decelerations, repetitions, etc.).


20 rue Geoffroy l’Asnier – 75004 PARIS

Metro Saint Paul / Line 1

Time : 10:00 – 17:00 (hours are subject to change)

Individual fee : 620 €
Borne traineeship : 830 €
Down payment : 200 €
Possibility of installed payments, please contact us.

Company Yves MARC- Theatre du Mouvement

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