This body that thinks and moves

Directed by Yves Marc
// From 13th to 22th May 2019 – 48 hours

The body is a glove whose fingers would be thought. Thought pushes our gestures and our carved body extends from inside.
Etienne Decroux

Si mon regard se porte en bas à gauche, en haut à droite, en bas à droite, vous avez un peu l’impression que je pense, vous me voyez en état de pensée… Et le plus fort c’est que moi aussi je me sens en état de pensée !
Extrait de Ce corps qui parle de et par Yves Marc

These quotations evoke clearly that there is no state of thought or emotional state without a deep body inscription. Such a change in the axis of vision, head position, chest structure, respiration, gesture, will give the perception of a state of thought (and its emotional color) without any inner thought or film, feeds this state.

Ainsi d’une manière complémentaire (et on peut dire à l’opposé) de la grande tradition de l’image et de l’induction mentale, du fameux film intérieur, ce stage souhaite inviter l’acteur (le comédien, le mime, le danseur, l’acrobate, le marionnettiste…), en affinant sa perception, à repérer et peu à peu maîtriser les structures corporelles profondes sur lesquelles vont s’appuyer son jeu d’acteur de pensée et d’émotions.

Like a drill bit that goes to meet the oil slick, bodily structures, gesture and movement go to meet the psychology. In this permanent and simultaneous dialogue, the theatricality of the movement will emerge.
This game of state of thought, starting from this organic and corporeal inscription, will give the actor at all times on stage this particular and attractive presence for the viewer’s gaze, which is anchored in a strong inner life … and presumed.

Based on the theatrical principles of movement, simple notions of neuroscience or synergology (discipline that observes the unconscious gestures of communication), Yves Marc, will propose:
– a locating of the fundamental parameters of the body in the expression of this thought: looks, breaths, tone, posture, self-contacts …
– an approach to the dynamics of movement and actions: how thought suspends an action, slows it down, accelerates it … in tension or relaxation.

Our thoughts manipulate our body and our movement in a musical way. This workshop is thus echoed and follows the continuation of the previous workshop on the musicality of the movement.
Improvisational and situational games will allow us to pass from the usual body to a body of fiction which, among other things, by the play of the emotional colors of thought (reverie, inner conflict, obsession, chaos …) towards the dramatic, the dreamlike, the burlesque, or the absurd.

The intimacy of states of thought and emotional states will find its extension in dynamic games of movement of a dramatic character.

Time : 10:00 am – 17:00 pm (hours are subject to change).

Individual rate : 620
Rate dealt with : 830
Down payment : 180

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Photo credit : David Schaffer (extract known show Ce corps qui parle)